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Andrographis paniculata Nees (Acanthaceae), the Kalmegh of Ayurveda is an erect annual herb extremely bitter in taste in each and every part of the plant body. The plant is known in north-eastern India as ?Maha-tita?, literally ?king of bitters? and known by various vernacular names. It is also known as ?Bhui-neem?, since the plant, though much smaller in size, shows similar appearance and has bitter taste as that of Neem (Azadirachta indica). Incidentally, the genus Andrographis consists of 28 species of small annual shrubs essentially distributed in tropical Asia. Only a few species are medicinal, of which A. paniculata is the most popular.


It grows erect to a height of 30-110 cm in moist shady places with glabrous leaves and white flowers with rose-purple spots on the petals. Since ancient times, A. paniculata is used as a wonder drug in traditional Siddha and Ayurvedic systems of medicine as well as in tribal medicine in India and some other countries for multiple clinical applications. The therapeutic value of Kalmegh is due to its mechanism of action which is perhaps by enzyme induction. The plant extract exhibits antityphoid and antifungal activities. Kalmegh is also reported to possess antihepatotoxic, antibiotic, antimalarial, antihepatitic, antithrombogenic, antiinflammatory, antisnakevenom, and antipyretic properties to mention a few, besides its general use as an immunostimulant agent. A recent study conducted at Bastyr University, USA confirms anti-HIV activity of andrographolide.   Read more below...


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The herb is the well-known drug Kalmegh 'green chiretta', and forms the principal ingredient of a reputed household medicine ('alui'), used as a bitter tonic and febrifuge. It is official in I.P., and also employed in Ayurveda and Homeopathy. The herb is reported to possess astringent, anodyne, tonic and alexipharmic properties, and is helped in arresting dysentery, cholera, diabetes, consumption, influenza, bronchitis, swellings and itches, piles and gonorrhoea. A decoction of the plant is a blood-purifier. It is used as a cure for torpid liver, and jaundice. It forms, the major constituents of the Ayurvedic drug SG-I Switradilepa which is effective in treating vitiligo- a dermatological diseases. The macerated leaves and juice together with certain spices, such as cardamom, clove and cinnamon, are made into pills and prescribed for relief from gripe and other stomach ailments in infants. A decoction or infusion of the leaves is useful in general debility and dyspepsia. The leaves and roots are also used as febrifuge, tonic, stomachic, cholagogue and anthelmintic. A tincture of the root is tonic, stimulant and aperient.


The high therapeutic value of Kalmegh is due to its mechanism of action, which is perhaps by enzymes induction. The plant extract exhibits anti-typhoid activity against Salmonella typhi (Shroter) and anti-fungal activity against Helminthosoprium sativum. The shoot extracts in saline and ether showed antibiotic activity against Micrococcus pyogenes var. aureus, and in dilute sulphuric acid, acetate buffer and ether against Escherichia coli.   vgo to top



  • Abortifacient (can abort pregnancy... although ayurvedic tradition allows it to be taken for short duration during pregnancy. We advise all women to avoid its use during pregnancy as a precaution. In almost every other respect Andrographis has an extremely low toxicity.)

  • Analgesic (pain killer)

  • Anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling and cuts down exudation from capillaries... antiflammatory action probably mediated, in part, by adrenal function)

  • Antibacterial (fights bacterial activity... although Andrographis appears to have weak direct antibacterial action, it has remarkably beneficial effect in reducing diarrhea and symptoms arising from bacterial infections.)

  • Antiperiodic (counteracts periodic/intermittent diseases, such as malaria)

  • Antipyretic (fever reducer - both in humans and animals, caused by multiple infections or by toxins)

  • Antithrombotic (blood clot preventative)

  • Antiviral (inhibits viral activity)

  • Cancerolytic (fights, even kills, cancer cells)

  • Cardioprotective (protects heart muscles)

  • Choleretic (alters the properties and flow of bile)

  • Depurative (cleans and purifies the system, particularly the blood)

  • Digestive (promotes digestion)

  • Expectorant (promotes mucus discharge from the respiratory system)

  • Hepatoprotective (protects the liver and gall bladder)

  • Hypoglycemic (blood sugar reducer)

  • Immune Enhancement (increases white cell phagocytosis, inhibits HIV-1 replication, and improves CD4+ and T lymphocyte counts)

  • Laxative (aids bowel elimination)

  • Sedative (a relaxing herb, though not with the same effect as the accepted herbal sedatives: valerian root, hops, skullcap, etc.)

  • Thrombolytic (blood clot buster)

  • Vermicidal (kills intestinal worms)   vgo to top



This product is regulated by the F.D.A. as a dietary supplement. Unlike approved drugs, supplements are not required to be manufactured under specific standardized conditions.   vgo to top


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